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Jamie Fitzherbert

Full Name:

James Michael Fitzherbert

Nickname & Alias:

Jamie, Jimjam, Jamie Jamerson




12 years old


April 1st




  • Jeffery Fitzherbert - Biological Father
  • Hanna Fitzherbert † - Biological Mother
  • Jasmine Fitzherbet - Biological Sister



Sports, Comic Books, Superheroes, Action movies, Board Games, Video Games, Card Tricks, Collectibles, Posters, Stuff animals, True Crime, Cop Reality TV shows, Any Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie (Terminator specifically)


CLOWNS, Wet Grass, People yelling over each other, open stairwells, irresponsible people, preventable tragedy or sorrow, Animals dying in movies :(




Sports (Soccer, Basketball especially), Videogames (Action or RPG), Volunteer Work/Fundraisers. Magic Tricks/Comedy, Watching Movies and Tv Shows


Just Live :)


Running, Problem Solving, Working as a team


Jamie Fitzherbert is one of the main characters in Red Alert. He’s the third character introduced but the second child featured. He’s one of the 4 kids that end up mysteriously transported to the world of Thrax. He’s very much a go-getter time and not willing to let any obstacles get in his way as he always hold hope that they will somehow get home again, driving many others forward with him.


The first thing you may notice, a pair of large rectangular glasses that looks… oddly familiar.

Well that familiar face is Jamie Fitzherbert who has a soft peachy complexion with dark fluffy short hair. He also sporting a set of dark blue braces to help with its obvious overbite.

In the beginning he is wearing a winter style tracksuit colored of black, silver and blue with a flowing blue scarf that often dangle behind him like a cape and a white pair of running shoes.


Jamie is introduced immediately ready to participate in the tomfoolery that Donovon, his best friend, is getting into. Jamie is very go with the flow especially with his friends as he enjoys their company, pranks and play alike. He is very dramatic and likes to play things up for the entertainment of it but also comes off as almost unbothered by it a second later. Even when he was awoken early in the morning by Don’s surprise attack, Jamie greeted him nonchalantly while bouncing directly into the play as if anticipating the following events. Or when discovering his father’s absence, immediately calms once told its only for a short time.

Jamie has a strong but very controlled emotional being, he feels his emotions to the fullest but doesn’t let them control him necessarily and often the drama is simply for show. Overall he’s playful and causal by nature but is ready to engage as much as possible.

He’s very thoughtful and acts very distraught when his dad is missing in action since he puts a lot of weight on Don's birthday going as swimmingly as possible. He enjoys making sure others have a good time and doesn’t like the idea of things impedding people simply appreciating life, especially something like celebrating a birthday, the very definition of appreciating a life.

But with that thoughtfulness and casual nature, Jamie doesn’t let his emotions ruin Don’s or Jasmine’s mood as once reassured is ready to suggest other ideas to fill in the blanks other’s have left obviously underlying the suggestion with a bit of silly or subjective humor only found between best friends.


Jamie is a young boy living with his father, Jeffery Ftizherbert or better known as “mister dad”, he lives in a small two storey house in the middle of the suburbs suggesting that his family is at least middle class. He also lives with his older sister Jasmine, who though being only a few years older than him has taken up the motherly role. There seems to be no mother figure in Jamie’s life as he lost her at an early age. He doesn’t much recall her unfortunately so the lack of such a figure never truly bothered him.

He found strong relationships with his father and sister and in his youth found his best friend, Donovon, after having collided with a tree while sliding down a snowy hillside that Don just happened to be sitting under. Don's odd appearance made Jamie question if he was even alive and after the two boys sorted out the ensuing panic, they bonded in a way that made them inseparable.


Donovon Walters

Jamie and Don have been best friends since he can really remember, though their first meeting was one hectic time, they managed to pull themselves out of everything and have been together ever since. They share almost everything in life; from their interests to their space to their brain cells in most instances, Jamie and Don are birds of a feather and do their best for one another. There’s an unabashable amount of trust between them. Jamie likes Don a lot and thinks he’s a man rich with wisdom, knowledge and potential. He’s always have something to say, something to tell, something to show. Don’s pack-filled with fun stuff, so it's never a dull moment with him.

Jasmine Fitzherbert

Jamie loves Jasmine like he would love any big sister who literally always taking care of him like its second nature. Though she can be a bit naggy he never sees her intentions as harmful or pressuring, she’s just worried and he knows that. Probably a little too worried for him. He does try his best to make her not be too overwhelmed and typically acts as her anchor when she starts being a loose cannon. Using being her voice of reason or reassurance or simply there to be hugged. Whatever he needs to do for his sister who does literally everything else.

Jeffery Fitzherbert

Jamie and his dad is like two peas in a pod, you can see where Jamie gets a lot of his mannerism. Even if he doesn’t realize it, he practically mimics him to a T. Jamie looks up to his dad a lot and he’s one of the few people Jamie will seek out when he’s upset beside Don.


  • Jamie is an advid videogame and movie enjoyer as his room is littered with posters, cheat code sheets and countless other merch.
  • Jamie's eyes are often hidden whenever his glasses are off, his eyes however are actually a noticable feature on his face.
  • His birthday is April 1st, which is April's Fools Day, its a nod to John Egbert's birthday being in April and the silly nature Jamie has
  • if Jamie were to played Sburb, he would be a Prospit Dreamer with the title a "Heir of Hope"
    • His assoicated element is air
    • His associated item is Mercury
    • Cruxite "Sword in the Stone"
    • His Consorts would be Geckos