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Jasmine Fitzherbert

Full Name:

Jasmine Misa Fitzherbert

Nickname & Alias:

Jazz, Jazziemen




15 years 0ld


January 12th




  • Jeffery Fitzherbert - Biological Father
  • Hanna Fitzherbert † - Biological Mother
  • Jamie Fitzherbet - Biological Sister



Space, Scientific Discoveries, Aliens, Physics, Biology, Nature Documentaries, Science Shows, Teen Fiction Novels, Apocalyptic movies, Highschool Dramas, Disney Live-action TV shows, Volunteering for small jobs, Babysitting, Kids in general, Animals, Cooking, Cleaning, Studying, etc.


Judgemental people, Busy Roads, Reckless Drivers, Dark Rainy Days, Loud people, People who swear a lot (Don gets a pass), Irresponsible people, Know-it-alls.




Reading, Studying, Watching Documentaries, Volunteering, Babysitting, Taking care of Plants


Become an Astrophysicist and/or a literal Rocket Scientist


Engineering, Organizing People, Keeping people calm


Jasmine Fitzherbert is one of the main characters of Red Alert. And the last child to be introduced as of yet. She’s one of the 4 kids that end up mysteriously transported to the world of Thrax. She is the defensive role of the group, always being there to protect them and keep them fortified be it against outside force or even the struggles within themselves.

She sports a pair of round glasses that seem strangely familiar…

Jasmine is a soft young lady with pale skin, long dark hair and a small overbite that makes her buck teeth stick out a bit. She’s first introduced in a black cardigan or sleep robe but traditionally Jasmine like wearing large sweaters, shorts and leggings possibly with tall but comfortable boots. In the autumn cold, she likes to be covered.


Upon her introduction, Jasmine comes off as almost intimidating with her vague figure taking up the doorway of Jamie’s room while the two wild boys are in the midst of a great battle. However she’s more so concerned for her father’s sleep schedule as it is pretty early

When she finds out that her dad long since left for work, Jasmine goes from an annoyed irritated nag to a confused big sister.

Jasmine obviously cares a lot about the two boys and how they present themselves, wanting them to be themselves but at least a little reserved so they aren’t flying off the rocker. She’s very open about her affection towards the boys, especially Don. Immediately going in to give him a hug and a kiss right on his head upon telling him it's his birthday.


Jasmine is a young lady living with her father, Jeffery Fitzherbert or better known as “mister dad”. She lives in a small two storey house in the middle of the suburbs suggesting that her family is at least middle class. A long with her father, Jasmine lives with her little brother, Jamie who she babies and bickers with like a mother more than a sister.

This is due to the tragedy of losing her mother at an early age, though unlike Jamie who doesn’t recall his mother very well, Jasmine remembers her very clearly and very fondly. Feeling that Jamie lost out on having that kind of person in his life, she tried to take up that role. Not only for Jamie’s sake, but for her father who now had to raise them alone.


Jamie Fitzherbert

Jasmine, no matter how old Jamie is, will always seem him as a baby. The traditional view of a big sister to a little brother. Though Jasmine doesn’t look down on Jamie, if anything she’s very proud of him because he has a very good head on his shoulders and hasn’t done anything yet to disappoint her. She’s always there encouraging his talents and hobbies, whatever he gets into she tries to offer reassurance and guidance on how to best achieve it, if no one has Jamie’s back, she does. Jasmine always Jamie’s biggest fan, rivalling Don of course.

Donovon Walters

Jasmine cares deeply for Don, in a odd way, she feels like Don is really her kid, someone that needed desperately to be taken in by someone. Given the harshness of his life with Duke as a guardian, Jasmine once again takes up the mantle of trying to be a mom for someone who doesn’t have one and she takes this role very seriously. She only wishes the best for him but finds his lack of drive and ambition very concerning. He’s very smart and very good, if given the chance she know he’d make it, he just needs to try.

Jeffery Fitzherbert

Jasmine and Jeffery are very close and Jasmine does her best to pick up any slack that Jeffery can’t carry. She’s very formal with him, being there to discuss things as mundane as the work or the weather to helping him handling taxes or budgeting. Though she’s still obviously young and though she does help, she learning from her father as well as Jasmine does look up to her dad a lot and goes to him the most with any of her decisions or troubles. But always in return, if Jeffery needs to vent, he can always come to her too. He prefers not to do this, but Jasmine does her best to hold herself well because she wants to do everything she can to impress her father.


  • Jasmine is a very motherly figure but can also come off as just an overbearing big sister
  • Jasmine eyes appear comedically small when she doesn't have her glasses on, this is due to her glasses being so thick, it make her eyes feel tiny when they aren't on her face
  • Her birthday is January 12th, There is no special reason, it simply is that she is the new year baby as all the kids have birthdays in the different seasons, her being Winter.
  • if Jasmine were to played Sburb, he would be a Derse Dreamer with the title a "Maid of Space"
    • Her assoicated element is Water
    • Cruxite Vase
    • Her Associated item is Uranium
    • Her Consorts would be Frogs